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Sing and Play 

Songs from 'The Little Box'

Tel maar mee 001.jpg

What do you need?

Some digits. An instrument like a chime bare, rhythm sticks or a flute.

Illustratie 1 2 3 Ok 001.jpg

What do you need?


Your hands.....


For the older children: take a few different boxes, pots or pans and two sticks (or ladles).

Take turns tapping 'the drums' three times, exactly in time!

In the middle piece (where there is no singing) you may be able to invent a drum solo yourself!

De Brandweerman 001.jpg

What do you need?


To play this game you need a piece of flexible electric tube (40 cm) with a coupling piece. The tube can be used as a fire hose but also as a steering wheel when you use the coupling piece to connect both ends of the tube.  At 'and with a burst of water from my long fire hose spout' the steering wheels change into spouts and the fire can be put out while the children say/ sing :  'shh, shh, sssshh'. 

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